Pallotta Speaks in New York


President James Pallotta participated in a panel discussion about the expansion of soccer and football worldwide at the Bloomberg Link Sports Business Summit in New York.

On Nike & Disney:

“Having two U.S brands in Disney and Nike is very important to us. The United States is very important to us going forward.”

Regarding Roma’s relationship with the United States:

“We also are looking to have relationships with all the MLS teams. Our strategy is to set up alot of youth academies in the U.S. Right now wer’re doing that on the east coast and soon we’ll be doing it on the west coast. We are also looking forward to having a relationship similar to what happens in Europe in loaning players to the U.S.”

On the mercato:

“I think that’s an important point. That’s exactly how we look at the transfer market and we actually think there is a real opportunity to create real value by using the scouts but also data on players. In our case this year we wanted to be a better team and more consistent. Last year we were the youngest team in the league at less than 23 years old. Against the best teams in the league we were 9-2-3 but against the worst teams out of 70 points we should’ve had we only managed 33 points, which is a question of not only coaching but also leadershp on the field. We made an effort to strengthen a couple positions but also get some veterans. Last year we bought a 17 year old player from Brazil (Marquinhos) for three million dollars and we sold him to PSG for 30 something million dollars one year later and plowed that back into three or four players including Strootman who is the capitan of the Dutch team. While Tottenham sold their player for €100 milthen we sold a player named Lamela who is 21 years old for €35 million.”