Guidolin Weary of Roma Threat


Udinese manager Francesco Guidolin has claimed that Roma is technically and tactically the strongest club in Serie A and is impressed by their qualities.

“Roma from the technical point of view is the strongest of all the others and now they also have great self-esteem and greater awareness of their abilities,” says Guidolin, whose team is coming off an unimpressive 1-0 defeat to A.C Milan. “Roma is handling everything perfectly at this time. The most difficult thing is to face a team that is not only the strongest from the technical point of view as it has ever been in recent years, but also has great self-esteem and greater awareness of their abilities.”

The manager also commented on the prospect of Roma playing without captain Francesco Totti, who is expected to miss a month with a thigh strain, “The absence of Totti may deprive Roma’s direction, but if Borriello features, he can deliver important characteristics.”

Guidolin continued, “I still think the strongest team along with Roma is Juventus, but this year the championship is more uncertain in the top positions, but Juve remains one of the favorites. Of course, if Roma continues to travel this way they are a threat, but I think Juventus, Roma, and Napoli are the best at this time.”

Source(s): Radio 24