De Sanctis Pleased With Win Over Napoli


Morgan De Sanctis spoke today of his delight for getting a critical win against his former club and reiterated Roma’s goal still remains to finish in the top five of the Serie A Table.

“The match was conditioned by periods that were favorable towards us. Napoli has played well all season. After the penalty and sending off, it was easier for us. The save on Pandev? I saw a few days of training in Castel Volturno of how he usually scores goals.”

The Roma custodian went on to comment about his move away from Naples this summer after Rafael Beniez deemed his services no longer needed. “It was a situation that was created in the summer where I was no longer considered to be immovable. When a player is not in a position to do well, you must understand and maybe leave if there are other options. However, I do not want to comment much further. I’ve been very clear: the investment made on Rafael clashes with the project they told me of in January. Napoli offered me a two year deal (in January) that I signed with enthusiasm. There was obviously an understanding that I would be the starter for two years but everything would depend on my performances but when Rafael arrived, everything changed. The Brazilian goalkeeper is strong and very interesting, of course, but he will be evaluated on the pitch.”

“The absence of Higuain? In the attack was Pandev, another great player. For me, Napoli is very strong, they are built to win. Their attack has so many quality options. Regarding Roma, nothing changes. The goal is to return to Europe, these first eight games have let us know that we can do well. No one expected this performance, but the road is long. We lost Totti through injury and now difficulties will arrive, but I’m confident we will be able to overcome them. We will fight to get into the top five. Napoli and Juventus are the most favored to win. We obviously have the advantage of not participating in European cups, but we must also pay attention to Fiorentina, Inter, and Lazio. We will have a much better idea when the winter break arrives.”

Source(s): Marte Sport Live