Garcia’s Pre-Match Press Conference


Rudi Garcia has held his weekly pre-match press conference this afternoon before the Giallorossi’s match at Udinese.

What will the lineup against Udinese be without Totti and Gervinho?
“We will wait. We have lost our captain, and when a team loses its best player it is not good news, but we have proved to be a united and strong group.”

Borriello and Ljajic could be useful to aerial game?
“Do not forget that there is also Marquinho and Pjanic can be pushed forward. We may use different tactics, but we have already proved we can do different things. Sunday’s game is a difficult one, they have not lost at home in a long time. I have solutions and, as always, we will go to Udine to win.”

Could Capello’s 9 consecutive wins record be an incentive for you?
“No, we are focused on this game, the record is not important, being focused on our game and on the strength of Udinese is what matters. We hope to play the best game possible and return to Rome with points.”

Could the absence of Totti and Gervinho break the psychological balance?
“No, it won’t be an issue. We will be even more united and will give them more time. It is said that nature adheres to change, and when one thing is absent there is someone else to replace it.”

Do you expect a different approach from Udinese?
“Guidolin could answer this: they have good strength, they have Di Natale who is very good and we need to be cautious. We have to play our game.”

Do you fear that the absence of Gervinho could limit the choices in the match?
“Sure, yes. He is not 100% ready yet, I hope that tomorrow we will have more answers. On Sunday the bench will feature more youth, but Ricci and Caprari are ready. For them, it is always a good time to come on. Sometimes odd things allow young people to play. I trust them both.”

Ljajic has not played much, do you fear of losing him for the whole season?
“No, I don’t believe so. I think about the game as it comes; there are different things, such as a player’s fatigue, a tactical choice. Adem has had physical problems from the beginning of the season. We took risks with him, but he’s very talented and can make a difference. We need him in order to remain the best attack in the Serie A. He can affect defenses.”

Isn’t there any risk of breaking the perfect midfield trio moving Pjanic forward?
“Yes, but we can not always play 38 games the same way. We have Taddei, Marquinho and also Bradley who is back to 100%, they can do well.”

How satisfied are you with having kept Pjanic and sold Lamela?
“Every player is important to my squad. The market closed on September 2, which is fine. Now we hope to not have any long-term injuries, but we’re fine right now. Even in training, nothing has changed, there is joy and the desire to win.”

Does any of your players have the technical characteristics to play as a vice-Totti?
“No one can play as Francesco, but we can do different things. With Borriello, we can cross into the penalty area. With Pjanic and Ljajic we have technique, and Adem may be able to play more like Totti does.”

Wouldn’t have been better to lose someone else instead of Totti and Gervinho?
“I prefer not to lose anyone. However, we have excellent substitutes, for example in defense we have a very strong player who trains strong, which is Burdisso.”

What do you think of the bonuses offered by the club to some of the players if they win the Scudetto?
“It’d be better to ask the president, however, this is a normal thing at all clubs.”

Do you think that this may be an important moment to determine where AS Roma could go?
“When I look at the schedule, I do not make guesses or predictions because we can win a very tough away match and lose an easier one at home. Every match is difficult, it depends on the opponent and on our quality.”

Will you apply a bit of turnover since there are 3 matches in a week?
“I do not think about the next match. For now, I only think of Udinese and when it’s over I will start thinking about Chievo.”