Garcia Pre-Chievo Press Conference


The squad will be rotated in the upcoming matches?
“Maybe, maybe not. I am sure I will need everyone.”

Are you trying to improve the dialogue between the team and a striker as Borriello?
“We always work to improve and increase the affinity. Marco is a penalty area-striker and we have to play with his movements. Chievo are typically a mid-table team, it’s not their current position. It’s a difficult game, everyone thinks that we have already won, but it is not. We have to play with the same desire and determination ever.”

Will Gervinho be available?
“We still have two more training sessions. He has been running, which is important. If he is not ready on Thursday he will be available on Sunday.”

This group has responded well each time it has been called into question…
“I’m glad, because it means that I have smart players. I trust my players, the experience that we have. I do not think I have to be the one to tell them they must give everything. We are pleased that there will be many fans who will give us the extra strength.”

Sabatini said he wants AS Roma to keep this position…
“For me, we have two goals: to make the final sprint with Napoli and Juventus and to keep the advantage over the other teams to return to Europe.”

What do you say to those who say that AS Roma are lucky?
“When we lose Gervinho and Totti with injury and Maicon to a red card, then this is not luck. Also, consider the goal Castan saved, for me this is not luck, but desire to do great things, it is determination. Just as De Rossi did against Napoli. If this is luck to you, then yes we are lucky.”

Is there still room for improvement in the team?
“For me, we have been playing worse in the last two games with Napoli and Udinese, we must keep our attention high and think about playing even better. The players who come on have done very well, but they also need to play two games in a row to enter the understanding of the group. Borriello should not play only for goals, those will come, he must play for the team. The same goes for Ljajic, we have seen the great things he has done during the games from the beginning.”

Ljajic better as winger or as central forward?
“I do not know. I’m not thinking about that. We know that he can play everywhere, just as Florenzi can. He is versatile.”

Will you watch Fiorentina vs Napoli match?
“To be honest I did not know about this match. Now that I know, maybe I will watch it. But we do not look at the other teams’ results, only our results matter. Let’s extend our streak, so we do not have to worry about other results.”

Could there be a bit of fatigue behind this dip?
“That can’t be the case when you finish a game with 10 men, but I think it is a problem. This takes up energy, but fortunately we have four days between the game in Udine and the one against Chievo and it should be enough to recover.”

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