Garcia Happy with His “27 Magicians in Red”


Roma coach, Rudi Garcia, spoke to the microphones of Rai Sport after their tenth consecutive victory against Chievo Verona.

“I like to see my players happy and share the joy with our fans at the end of the game. The team dinner is not to celebrate but to eat well and recover for the match against Torino. I’m already looking to the next match, we have lost Castan to disqualification, and we do not have many options going forward. Florenzi entered the match and played well. Borriello was normal until he got tired at the end, he needs to play and it’s hard to do it every 3 days when you’re not used to it. The goal came thanks to our ideas in the first hour, we are a team, we play with the whole squad. Borriello deserves this goal, it means that we have many players who are dangerous, 11 players who can score is better than one that scores all the goals.”

“Chievo does not deserve the last place, if they play well they will win a lot of games. We need the team to play better, sure Totti is unique, but maybe it will be even better for Marco to play with the captain. Certainties in football does not exist, this was the toughest game of the season, and it’s nice to still win. It’s a pleasure to see the kids happy at the end of the game. The thing most important for me is to know the players so I can put them in the best conditions to play better. We should always improve, today was very difficult.”

“Lotito says I have 5 magicians? I am fortunate to have 27 magicians in red, the magic is just this — they are hungry to win.”

Source(s): Rai Sport