Roma Weekly Round-Table (Torino Match)


Welcome to our new weekly feature, The Roma Round-Table, where we ask a mixture of A.S Roma fans and writers their thoughts on the past week’s match, news of the club, and other various topics concerning Roma.

This week’s participants are:
Daniel (@Daniel741L)
Greg of Roma Journal (@gregc9)
Anthony (@Zomp10)
Angelo (@ASRomaGuy)
Lee (@Lee_R1989)
Anthony (LaRomanBomber)
Claudia (@claudiacagnina)

The perfect streak is over. What is one word to describe your feelings?

Daniel: Gutted
Greg: Confident
Anthony: Gutted
Angelo: Deflated
Lee: Proud
Anthony: Annoyed
Claudia: Upset

Grade Roma’s performance vs. Torino. Why this grade?

Daniel: I give them a 6.5/10. We were unlucky to not get some calls our way and we played well but I don’t think we did enough to deserve a win.
Greg: B-. I think the third game in a week coupled with missing players made the group just a little tired. Pjanic, for every good play — missed another. The same goes for Benatia.
Anthony: I’d rate the team performance a 6 overall. The heart, grit, and effort was there but we had poor passing and bad shots on goal throughout the match. Borriello, Florenzi, and Maicon were below par throughout and Benatia was definitely not to his usual standards in the 2nd half.
Angelo: I’d give the defense a 6.5, the midfield a 7, and the attack a 5.5.
Lee: 6.5 out of 10. Not a great performance but also not a bad one by any means. Torino is a difficult venue and a point is acceptable.
Anthony: 7.5. Good game overall, but they were slow much of the 2nd half to allow the goal, but they picked it back up towards the end when pressuring for the win.
Claudia: 8 out of 10. There were many chances but none of them fell our way, but the performance was good. After Torino scored, they turned the intensity up even more.

Does the draw vs. Torino make you think different or less of the team?

Daniel: Not particularly. I think we’ve still got a good squad that can challenge the top teams.
Greg: It reminds me of some of the depth needs we have.
Anthony: The draw just confirms how important Totti and Gervinho (even Destro) are to the attack and how thin our bench is right now. The likes of Marquinho, Taddei, and Dodo are simply not good enough for a Top 3 contender.
Angelo: Absolutely not. Torino is a very tough team to play at home. Roma played well, especially after conceding the goal and could have easily buried a second in the final minutes. There is nothing to worry about.
Lee: No less, it is impossible to win every game and the run had to end sometime. The final 10 minutes and the willingness the team showed to push for victory was encouraging.
Anthony: Not at all. The result should have been a win, but we can’t go on forever, especially with injuries and cards picking up.
Claudia: No. A win, a loss, a tie — I will always support A.S Roma.

One thing you want to see vs. Sassuolo next weekend is __________?

Daniel: Tin Jedvaj at the heart of the defence next to Leandro Castan.
Greg: Better play in the final third.
Anthony: Pjanic returning to central midfield with Ljajic starting in the attack.
Angelo: Goals! Their offense has slowed down quite a bit in the last few games with only 3 goals in their last 3 games. Playing Sassuolo at home should be a great opportunity to unload and gain some confidence.
Lee: More clear cut chances created.
Anthony: Grit and determination to show that the draw in Torino was just a little dip in form.
Claudia: Do not underestimate them. Go into the match with intensity and a hunger for goals.

Roma’s best player over the last week’s run of three fixtures has been __________? Why?

Daniel: Miralem Pjanic. He has dictated everything and has been our source for creativity with Totti injured.
Greg: Despite a less than normally excellent performance against Torino, Benatia. But he has still been amazing for this team.
Anthony: Daniele De Rossi. He has been superb throughout and did not make a single mistake that I can recall. Where others have been a bit off in form the past week, Daniele has remained world-class since Match Day 1. Also, he moved to defense for Benatia vs. Torino and still did a great job.
Angelo: It’s a toss-up between De Rossi, Benatia, and Pjanic but I think De Rossi takes it. I would have said Benatia if it weren’t for the mistakes on the Cerci goal and Pjanic has been clutch but De Rossi has been everywhere. Supporting the forwards, running the midfield, and even slotting in at center-back when necessary. All while sporting the captain’s armband in Totti’s absence. Leader.
Lee: De Rossi. Back to the old Daniele we used to know & love. He’s been immense all season, not just the last 3 games but he’s stood out for me in the last week.
Anthony: De Rossi. The man has been reborn. A rock in midfield and with helping keep the defense rock solid.
Claudia: De Rossi. He was everywhere. He helps so much defensively and also helps in attack.

Which position would you like the club to upgrade in the January transfer window?

Daniel: Bring in a decent back-up for the Benatia-Castan partnership if the younger defenders (Romagnoli and Jedvaj) aren’t going to be trusted.
Greg: A game ready full-back or midfielder. We can’t afford to have players maxed out until they get hurt or out on accumulation of cards. Especially in midfield, where play is vital to the team’s success.
Anthony: We desperately need an attacking midfielder (vice-Pjanic) and winger forward (vice-Gervinho) for the bench. We do not need a CF because Destro is due to return.
Angelo: 100000% left-back. Admittedly, Balzaretti has improved over the last few weeks but he’s still far from what we need. He’s been a turnover machine all year and got torched in the 1st half by Cerci. Dodo is good but is still young and a slight liability at the back. A solid, proven left-back with a decent cross is abcolutely necessary if we want to keep contending for the Scudetto.
Lee: To compete for the Scudetto until the end, I think we need 3 reinforcements: a full back, a central midfielder, and a wide attacking player. D’Ambrosio (Torino), Cabaye (Newcastle), Shaqiri (Bayern), and Cuadrado (Fiorentina) have all been linked with us. I’d be delighted with 3 out of 4 of that lot.
Anthony: Full-back. We are lacking a bit of depth in the area, especially with Dodo not having much experience.
Claudia: I am happy with the players that we have right now because the substitutes are doing a fine job with filling in for Totti and Gervinho or when our starters get carded.

Your prediction for Roma vs. Sassuolo next weekend?

Daniel: Roma 3-0 Sassuolo
Greg: Roma 2-0 Sassuolo
Anthony: Roma 2-0 Sassuolo
Angelo: Roma 4-1 Sassuolo
Lee: Roma 3-1 Sassuolo
Anthony: Roma 2-0 Sassuolo
Claudia: Roma 3-0 Sassuolo