De Laurentiis: “A little bird told me Roma and Liverpool have the same owner.”

Napoli president De Laurentiis was interviewed by La Gazzetta dello Sport and was asked about Roma. These are his words:

Roma? They were disassembled then reassembled this summer. I wouldn’t have sold Alisson even for €100 million. I had offered €60 million but the Giallorossi wouldn’t give him to me. I always have the feeling that Roma and Liverpool have the same owner. A little bird told me this a few years ago and if it was true they would not be allowed to play the Champions League.”

Roma director Mauro Baldissoni later responded on Roma Radio:

“I read De Laurentiis’s words, maybe he frequents the wrong birds. Perhaps we could recommend that he speak more with songbirds, who chirp melodies instead of nonsense because the little bird he spoke to told him nonsense. But I send a salute to him and to Ancelotti.”

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