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about us

RomaPress is your number one English source for all things AS Roma

RomaPress was founded in 2010 as nothing more than a mere Twitter account that translated Italian football news into English. After having gained a small but loyal following, the website RomaPress.net was opened in 2011 to be the portal that brings the best and most relevant news of Italian newspapers and journalists to English speakers.

As of 2021, RomaPress.net has gained over 20,000 Twitter followers and continues to grow. From exclusive interviews to our weekly podcast, RomaPress has gone from a simple Twitter account to the largest English-speaking Roma website. However, that wouldn’t be possible without YOU. We thank you so much for your support and hope to continue to be able to provide you with the latest and greatest content surrounding AS Roma.

Italy: AS Roma vs US Sassuolo Rome, Italy September 12 2021. a view of a supporter banner during the Serie A TIM match b