Abel Balbo: “Julian Alvarez is much better than Dybala.”

Andy Mattioli

Former Roma attacker Abel Balbo explained the reasons as to why Paulo Dybala has seen so little playing time in this year’s World Cup tournament with Argentina.

“Julian Alvarez is a phenomenal player,” Balbo told Libero. “He’s much better than Lautaro and Dybala. It’s as simple as that.”

“Unfortunately for the two of them, Alvarez has taken Argentina by surprise and forced his way into the starting eleven. Alvarez is only 21 but has the personality and grit of a veteran. He is an extraordinary striker: qualities of a thoroughbred striker combined with a spirit of sacrifice for the team similar to a fullback’s.”

“Dybala? He’s good, and he makes a difference when playing for Roma. When he’s on the pitch, the team comes alive. Unfortunately with Argentina he’s got a certain Messi ahead of him.”

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