Ag. Kessie: “We will determine what the best solution is for everyone.”

John Solano

George Atangana, the agent of Atalanta midfielder Franck Kessie, spoke to Sky Sport today about his client:

“I am Kessie’s agent which is why I will always take his best interest into consideration. Franck is the focus of attention from many teams thanks to his work in these past two years and for the good things he’s done this year along with his team. I have read of alleged influences of my foreign colleagues regarding this (transfer) saga and it makes me chuckle as it is ridiculous. I brought Kessie to Italy from Africa two years ago and I have been in football for 15 years. I have worked with some of my colleagues for years, but no one other than Franck and I can decide where he goes. As for his future, the problem is not named George Atangana or someone else. The only thing to consider is if any offers are satisfactory or not for the boy. I will listen to them all, then with Kessie and only Kessie plus his current club, who he will be forever connected to, we will evaluate what the best solution is for everyone.”