Ag. Ünder: “Roma is the perfect project for Cengiz.”

John Solano

Omer Karay Uzun, agent of Cengiz Ünder, has released an interview with Gianluca Di Marzio, where he also talked about his assist. These are his words:

“Cengiz has a lot of character, yes, but in his heart beats a lot of humility. Monchi is a magician. He followed Ünder since he worked in Sevilla. Then, after his explosion at Başakşehir, he decided to bring him to Italy. Monchi was one of the reasons why we accepted the project of Roma. Here in the Capital, it is a point of arrival, not a trampoline to bounce elsewhere.”

“His preseason has gone fine, I think he will be one of the most important purchases in this transfer market window. Of course, you have to give him time and be patient: he has landed in a totally new country in terms of lifestyle and footballing culture. Football is his life. Maybe he does not show much emotion on the outside, but he has a huge heart. In short, he has the right mindset to get to the top. And above all, he’s really excited to conquer Roma. Başakşehir understood us and they opened the door to the transfer of Cengiz and together we immediately realized that Roma would be the ideal, perfect project.”