Ag. Spinazzola: “He postponed his return to improve his physical condition.”

Andy Mattioli

Leonardo Spinazzola is now regularly training with the team after nine months of recovery and individual training sessions. His agent, Davide Lippi, spoke to Supertele on DAZN and shared an update on his client’s status.

“We all missed Spinazzola. He is an extraordinary guy who has never lost his smile. He has insane strength and determination,” said Lippi.

“The injury was very serious and came at the most important moment of his career. Seeing him with the smile he had on today and with his inner strength is a special thing.”

“He deserves the best and I’m sure he will come back stronger than before. He worked very intensely for nine months and the fact that it took him a bit longer to return than expected is due to the fact that he wanted to work even harder to improve his physical condition.”

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