Ag. Zaniolo: “His morale is high. There was never a thought of leaving Roma, even before the injury.”

John Solano

Claudio Vigorelli, the agent of Roma starlet Nicolò Zaniolo, appeared on Radio Radio to discuss a variety of topics involving his client.

The young attacker is currently recovering from a torn ACL, which he suffered early last month during while on national team duty with the Azzurri.

“Nicolò’s morale is high. Initially he was a bit down because he had just returned,” asserted Vigorelli.

“He’s young and strong, he’s working well and doing rehabilitation — everything is going according to plan. He’ll return stronger than before.

“I really don’t think these two torn ACL’s will impede his career, but rehabilitation and slow reintegration must be done carefully.”

“A contract renewal? You’ll hear it directly from Roma the day that is happens. The club knows the type of player that they have on their hands. The ownership may have changed, but Nicolò’s objectives and vision haven’t, despite his injury.”

“Did offers arrive before the injury? Nicolò is a player who’s been predestined — just consider the fact he was called up to the national team before having featured in Serie A, he’s proved to be a pure talent.”

“Several clubs have inquired about him, but we always considered Roma’s path as the best for his growth, regardless of the offers that arrived. Perhaps the old ownership group had the need to sell in order to earn a capital gain, but neither myself nor Nicolò or his family ever thought of leaving Roma.”