Alberto De Rossi discusses his years with the Primavera, his son’s legacy & more

Andy Mattioli

Alberto De Rossi recently stepped down from coaching the Primavera after leading the youth team for 19 consecutive seasons, totaling an incredible 740 matches.

The 64-year-old technician was then appointed as Head of the Youth Development at the capital club, and in light of this professional change, spoke at length to the club’s official channels.

“Trigoria is like a second home to me, I’ve never considered it a job. I have a wonderful relationship with everyone.”

“I remember all the emotions perfectly from my very first day, when they told me that the interest had become a reality¬†and that I would get to coach the Primavera.”

“Being faithful to the club for 29 years was easy for me,” De Rossi continued. “In addition to passion and work ethic, it is the attachment to the club that makes the difference.”

“I have shown this attachment because the bond is very strong, this puts everything in second place, even the interests of other clubs. This led me to stay here all these years.”

“The main goal is not the standings or winning a trophy, but getting players ready for the first team.”

“There are professionals who use the youth sector as an opportunity to grow as a coach, but our objective here is to help the boys grow. There is no trophy that can make us forget this objective. We do it exclusively for Roma.”

“That’s why every time a youth player makes his debut in the first team there is that incredible excitement, followed immediately by worry that he will make some mistakes and finally the joy of seeing him feeling useful to the club.”

On his son, Roma legend Daniele De Rossi, he commented, “He’s one of the club’s greats. Meanwhile I feel like an honest worker.”

“Each of us did his job, we respected each other’s space and neither one of us talked about the other.”

“In the past I had the opportunity to coach the first team and I refused precisely because Daniele was part of that group. I think that would have been problematic.”

“Between the two of us, he is more of a die hard Romanista. Calling it faith seems strong to me, but we never managed to take off his Roma shirt as a child.”

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