Alessandro Nesta recalls Totti rivalry, previews Milan-Roma

Andy Mattioli

Former Lazio and Milan defender Alessandro Nesta recently spoke about the intense rivalry with good friend and Italy teammate Francesco Totti ahead of tonight’s big match at the San Siro between Roma and Milan.

“Derby? For us Roman players, the derby was an absolute nightmare. Totti, De Rossi and myself. It was awful, it was something I constantly thought about ever since joining the Lazio academy at 8 years old. You felt it from an early age and when you grow up it’s something that stays in your brain,” he told Serie A TV.

“Roma? They lack concentration, they have strong players, but every now and then they don’t have the necessary concentration to avoid conceding goals. Milan are behind on points. Napoli started off so well that they left a big gap behind, but it’s a long season.”

“Dybala? He knows how to play football, he’s very strong, he knows how to be decisive, but he has to find continuity from a physical point of view.”

“Milan-Roma¬†will definitely be a match that I will watch, one of those matches that I like to watch. There is rhythm, passion, involvement from everyone. And then there have always been two teams that have never loved each other very much, so there will be great rivalry.”