Andrea Belotti analyzes Roma’s slump

Andy Mattioli

Roma striker Andrea Belotti was the only Giallorossi player to make post-match media appearances following last night’s defeat to AC Milan.

After coming on in the second half and trying – unsuccessfully – to push his team toward a comeback over Stefano Pioli’s men, Belotti spoke to DAZN about Roma’s poor run of results.

“It’s clear that we’re in a predicament, because when you’ve lost several games you’re not happy, you’re not at peace. We just lost in the derby and it’s understandable that we were really frustrated with the outcome.”

“I think that today our attitude and organisation was on point, because at the start we were playing well. They started getting into gear and when they scored it knocked us sideways. After conceding the second we upped the ante and that’s why we were able to get back into the game.”

“We pressed on and I thought that we would get a draw because we were playing decently – I could see that everyone was doing well. Our goal gave us a jolt, some peace of mind and the freedom to go for them more. However, their third goal took the wind out of our sails.”

“I agree that we’re going through a tough time and small details and mistakes which we’re making in games can cost us the result. Look, you know me well [the question was from DAZN’s Andrea Stramaccioni] – you’re aware that when times are tough I think that the only way to bounce back is by pulling together as a group and working our socks off.”

“Of course, when you’ve got six days to work on a game it’s a long time, because there have been many times when we’ve only had a couple of days of which one is a recovery day. This means preparations are compromised. The fact that we have six days means that we’ve got loads of time to prepare both physically and mentally and work on solutions in both defence and attack. We need to prepare meticulously for the Verona match as well as the other upcoming fixtures. Yes, maybe we have reached rock bottom, but we can’t go any lower. The only way is up.”

““We’re a well-rounded team. All of my team-mates have quality. Of course, when Paulo [Dybala] is absent we’re lacking a player of his characteristics and we’re forced to change how we play. Paulo’s got a certain touch and offers class and invention which few other players have in world football.

“We’re a great side full of quality. We need to do all we can to climb the table, because we shouldn’t be where we are in the league with the team we have.”

“It comes down to the smaller details – if your attention slackens you can end up throwing away goals. Maybe it’s a moment of carelessness, a mistake or a red card – these things can condition games and make it hard to come back from. We’re in a tough place where things aren’t going right for us. We need a spark and we can achieve this by pulling together and working hard. Once things start going in our favour we’ll be back on track.”

“My future? As things stand I am staying at Roma. I know nothing about a potential move – nobody has said anything to me.”

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