Andrea Belotti confident in his future at Roma: “I’m in a great club.”

Andy Mattioli

Roma attacker Andrea Belotti addressed questions regarding his future in the Italian capital.

The Italian striker was recently rumoured to be potentially on his way out. However, Belotti dismissed these whispers in a recent media appearance after Roma-Farense.

“I’m really happy to have had the opportunity to take part in this training camp,” Belotti told reporters after the game. “Last year I missed all of pre-season which is a very important part of preparing for the games ahead.”

“Overall, I’m very happy. It’s been a tough training camp, very challenging but it was exactly what I needed. I needed to work hard and to undergo difficult drills – that is the foundation for a long season.”

“My future? I’m not thinking about anything of the sort. I think about playing, I’m in a great club, I feel everyone’s trust, from the staff, from the management, from the coach, for me this is the most important thing. Rumors don’t interest me.”

“I realize the club may go out and get another striker on the market, but that’s how it works – great teams need depth, they need to be able to allow players to rest every once in a while. I just have to think about feeling good physically, feeling good with the team and do what I do best.”

“Last season was difficult. I skipped all of pre-season. I fractured my hand and my ribs. When those things happen to you, you can try as hard as you want but you’ll never feel 100% fit. However, I’m convinced all those injuries are behind me and that this will be a much better season.”

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