Europa League

Andrea Belotti owns up to Roma’s mistakes in defeat to Slavia Praha

Andy Mattioli

Roma striker Andrea Belotti was the only player to make a post-match media appearance last night.

Belotti was interviewed by the media prior to Jose Mourinho’s decision to impose media silence for all members of the team.

In his interview with UEFA, Belotti did not hide the fact that the Giallorossi lacked the correct attitude versus Slavia.

“The team we faced at the Olimpico obviously wasn’t the team Slavia really are,” he said. “We knew that they would be a different type of team at home and unfortunately it showed.”

“At half-time we said we lacked attitude, we made tactical corrections. In the first few minutes in the second half we tried to do something with the ball, but we lacked attitude.”

“Now it’s up to us to do everything it takes to win the next two games and score as much as possible to finish first in the group,” he added.

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