Andrea Belotti tries to make sense of Roma’s loss to AC Milan

Andy Mattioli

Roma striker Andrea Belotti was asked to make sense of his side’s poor performance at San Siro which resulted in a 3-1 loss to Milan.

The ex-Torino man was interviewed by DAZN at full-time after coming on in the second half.

“Certainly when I came on we were a little more unbalanced going forward, at 2-0 it was the only way to reopen the match and then create some opportunities. The third goal then took the wind out of us.”

“In the first half we didn’t start badly, but then if you concede it’s normal for there to be frustration..”

“When you start well and concede goals it’s normal to be disappointed, we conceded at the first opportunity. It’s a matter of small details, we are working on it individually and as a group.”

“Certainly when you lose matches it’s never good, there’s always frustration and disappointment. It may happen that in a game you have difficulty doing simple things. But I repeat: we started well, we conceded a goal on Milan’s first shot and there was frustration.”

“My feeling from the pitch is that one way or another we would have equalized it at 2-1, Milan wasn’t doing anything anymore, but then with the third goal they put the game to sleep.”

“The fans follow us everywhere. It’s normal that they can also boo because we’re not winning matches. The only thing we can do is band together and work. Roma fans deserve much, much more.”

“We absolutely have to prepare perfectly for these next matches. Maybe now we have reached rock bottom, we can’t go any lower than this, we can only go up.”

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