Ante Ćorić “desperate” for a move away from Roma

Andy Mattioli

Croatian midfielder Ante Ćorić – who spent the last year on loan at Zurich – is eager to move on from the Italian capital, a place where the 25-year-old never got the opportunity to impose himself, struggling to convince the capital club to bet on him in the long run.

Ćorić recently discussed his uncertain future in an interview with germanijak. “It would be great if I could leave as a free agent, but Roma still won’t let me go for free.”

The midfielder has already been excluded from Roma’s preseason and will train separately awaiting to understand where his career will take him.

“I desperately have to solve the issue of finding a new club. I don’t want to end up somewhere just as the season is about to start.”

“I am no longer interested in going out on loan. Going out on loan is the worst thing that can happen to your career as a footballer,” he added.

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