AS Roma’s Champions League Aspirations: Odds in the Post-Mourinho Era

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As the Champions League anthem echoes through stadiums across Europe, supporters of AS Roma have been longing to hear it reverberate within the iconic walls of the Stadio Olimpico once again.

It’s been nearly six years since the Giallorossi last graced the prestigious stage of Europe’s elite competition. A period marked by near-misses, transitions, and untapped potential, Roma’s absence from the Champions League has left both players and fans hungry for a return to glory.

But with eleven league games remaining, many Roma supporters have been left wondering: what are the odds of the team ending their half-decade Champions League drought?

The Mourinho Departure: A New Chapter Begins

There’s no hiding that José Mourinho’s departure from the club in mid-January was controversial. Love him or loathe him, the man brought an aura of charisma and tactical acumen. His stint at Roma was supposed to be the catalyst for a revival, but alas, it didn’t quite pan out as planned.

Roma’s president, Dan Friedkin, finally ran out of patience with the Special One and pulled the plug on his two-and-a-half year tenure. Even though he ended the club’s near 15-year long trophy drought in 2022, it still wasn’t enough to buy the Special One more time in the Italian capital.

The Role of New Leadership: Navigating Uncharted Waters

With Mourinho’s departure comes the dawn of a new era, and with it, new leadership. The appointment of a new manager occurred in mid-January when the Giallorossi officially appointed former club captain and midfielder Daniele De Rossi.

A unilaterally popular decision—the return to his boyhood club brought a sense of excitement and optimism. Though, there was some trepidation due to his lack of managerial experience.

Despite the fears, De Rossi has far-exceeded expectations in his first two months on the bench, winning seven of his first nine games in charge. He breathed life into a beleaguered squad that looked uninspired in the final days of the Special One’s tenure.

The Impact of Player Morale: A Critical Factor

In football, as in life, morale plays a pivotal role when it comes to the top European football odds. A team with high morale can move mountains, while a team with low morale can barely climb a molehill.

Sitting ninth in the table upon Mourinho’s dismissal, De Rossi had his work cut-out, tasked with righting the ship and doing all he can to finish in a Champions League place.

Although it appeared to be “mission impossible”, De Rossi made an instant impact on the squad’s morale. He completely overhauled the Giallorossi’s playing style—opting for a more offensive, attacking football instead of Mourinho’s world-renowned defensive approach.

His approach paid dividends and now Roma find themselves fifth in Serie A and just four points behind fourth-placed Bologna.

Assessing the Odds: Navigating the Choppy Waters

So, what are Roma’s odds of qualifying for the Champions League next year? It’s a question without a definitive answer, a puzzle with pieces still waiting to fall into place. But amidst the uncertainty, one thing remains clear: De Rossi has them set-up to succeed.

It won’t be easy. The road to the Champions League is fraught with challenges, obstacles waiting at every turn. But adversity breeds resilience, and Roma has shown time and time again that they’re not afraid to fight tooth and nail for their objectives.


AS Roma’s Champions League aspirations are more than just a quest to meet their season objective—it’s a chance at redemption and prove they’re capable of overcoming the struggles they showed in the first half of the season.

The odds may be daunting, but with belief, determination, and a touch of Roman resilience, anything is possible. So, let the journey begin – the Champions League beckons, and AS Roma is ready to answer the call. Only time will tell what will happen with AS Roma with De Rossi at the helm.

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