AS Roma’s Strengths, Weaknesses and Potential Power Moves

RomaPress Staff

Under José Mourinho, A.S. Roma has made a good start to the season. But, could it be better? Let’s take a look at their biggest strengths, biggest weaknesses, and things they could do to improve going forward.

Strong on the attack

Without a doubt, Romelu Lukaku’s season-long loan to A.S. Roma has been transformative to the club’s progress in Serie A, and in its campaign to qualify for the Champions League. This has been a favored move for both fans and soccer betting enthusiasts alike, as Lukaku’s run could allow players to bet on Serie A, Europa League, and Champion’s League games, as well as the overall outcome of the leagues, and A.S. Roma’s overall position. That said, Lukaku is only at A.S. Roma for the season. To solidify the strength of the attack, A.S. Roma should look at signing the striker permanently. 

And, with six goals in nine matches in Serie A, and three goals in three matches in the Europa League, it’s not hard to understand why – Lukaku’s influence is undeniable. Another opportunity could be to build up the confidence of Tammy Abraham, who, like Lukaku, also came to A.S. Roma from Chelsea FC a couple of years ago. 

Argentinian attacking midfielder Paulo Dybala is also off to a good start, with two goals and three assists in seven matches. Known for his quick footwork and consistent dribbling, Dybala’s skills should be utilized fully by the attacking line to create (and score himself, for that matter) more chances.

Weak defensive line 

Though A.S. Roma is performing well with Lukaku at the helm, the same cannot be said for the defense. Roma is admittedly thin on the ground both in the fullback and center-back positions, which has been made worse due to Leonardo Spinazzola’s injury. Due to this, it would be a logical step for A.S. Roma to look into upgrading their defensive line-up – in doing so, they can switch it up. 

Two things that A.S. Roma’s defense is missing are experience and determination. Someone who could bring this to the team in abundance is Borna Barišić, a Croatian left-back who has played for Rangers since 2018. This season, his defensive record is impressive, contributing to five clean sheets, settling in the 89th percentile for interceptions, and only conceding three goals. The seasoned defender could add some much-needed depth to Roma’s defense, as well as contribute the assists he’s evidenced at Rangers. 

Another player who could patch the holes in A.S. Roma’s defense is Eric Dier. The English defender is known for bringing a persevering, committed, and no-nonsense defense – especially under Mourinho’s management at Tottenham Hotspur during the 2019/20 and 2020/21 seasons. Dier is hailed as a versatile defender, who has previously played as a defensive midfielder, center-back, and right-back, so this could also solve some defensive issues currently being faced by A.S. Roma.

Final thoughts 

If A.S. Roma can catch Lukaku, this will be a positive step forward for the team, allowing them to continue their strengths in attack. In defense, although Barišić and Dier are both older players, these seasoned defenders could bring some much-needed structure and experience to plug the holes in the defensive line.