Balotelli: “I have a wonderful relationship with Mourinho.”

Andy Mattioli

Former Inter and City player Mario Balotelli recently touched upon his relationship with Jose Mourinho to OCW Sport and shared his thoughts on Mourinho’s time at Roma.

“I’m not following Italian football, but unlike what everyone says, I have a wonderful relationship with Mourinho. We also kept in touch.”

“Knowing him for sure it will be a bad period for the team, but he will know how to bring them out of it.”

“The teams he’s managed had fantastic players, but he had also the superpower to create a super team in terms of personalities.”

“Give him some time, because he is very good at that too. He only arrived a few months ago. He won the Champions League with Porto, players were strong but not phenomenal in those days. He has shown that he can also win independently of the team.”

“It is normal that if you are one of the best you happen to manage the strongest teams, like Messi and Ronaldo.”

“I like Roma very much, like Lazio, but with all due respect it is normal for someone like Mourinho to expect seeing him at Real or Bayern. It’s a process that takes time.”

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