Boniek: “Zalewski can do great things in this new role he’s playing.”

John Solano

Ex-Roma midfielder Zbigniew Boniek discussed a variety of topics surrounding his former club, including the growth of Nicola Zalewski.

Boniek, the former head of the Poland FA, believes the 20 year-old’s recent switch from midfielder to wingback could help him make a big impact with both club and country.

“I think he’ll be able to do great things in this new position, as long as he plays with the same courage he displayed in the Derby,” he told ReteSport.

“If he’s able to remain a starter in that role, there’s a chance we could even see him playing at the World Cup.”

“From a team perspective, I think Roma could’ve done better to avoid some of the draws they suffered during this unbeaten stretch. Though, I must say I’ve seen a lot of improvement, especially in the Derby.”

“There was only one team on the pitch playing in that match and it was Roma. Hopefully that win can be a catalyst for more big results.”

Adding, “But I still can’t figure out what their true objective is: finishing in the top four or winning the Conference League. As we saw during the group stage, the upcoming challenge against Bodø/Glimt won’t be easy.”

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