Brescia, Cellino: “I’d like to see Tonali in Rome or Naples, but it will hardly happen”.

Brescia president Massimo Cellino was interviewed by Tuttosport and was asked about the future of highly sought-after youngster Sandro Tonali.

“Tonali is a colder boy from the North. But inside, he is sentimental. That’s why, since I’m romantic, I would like to see him in Rome or Naples — but it will hardly happen, though,” he admitted.

”We’ll see, it will depend on Tonali, he will be the one who chooses”.

”However, I hope he remains in Italy and plays here”.

The young midfielder has been linked to just about every big club in Italy and a host of clubs abroad.

The 19 year-old will undoubtedly be on the move this summer once the season is completed.