Bryan Cristante applauds Tahirovic’s starting debut in Bologna win

Andy Mattioli

Following Roma’s first win of 2023, Bryan Cristante analyzed the match and tipped his hat to Benjamin Tahirovic who made his starting debut alongside him in Jose Mourinho’s midfield earlier today.

“I congratulate him on his first game as a starter, it’s never easy. I expect him to do well for us,” Cristante told reporters after the final whistle.

“When players do well, the credit goes to the team, when the team does well, the individuals perform even better.”

“At the end of the game we couldn’t find the second goal. We ran a few risks in the end but overall we managed the game well enough,” he added. “After going 1-0 up, we managed the match, Bologna’s ball possession didn’t result in anything, and that was fine with us.”

“We’re still unable to kill off games. Sometimes we create a lot but we lack the finishing in front of goal.”

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