Calafiori discusses Roma debut: “I always dreamed about it”.

Roma youngster Riccardo Calafiori spoke to the club’s official website today — just a few days after having made his debut on the left flank for the Giallorossi.

“It’s the culmination of so many years of hard work. I always dreamed about it – it seemed almost impossible at times, but in the end I did it,” said the youngster.

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You almost scored a brilliant goal too.
I couldn’t believe I managed to put it on target – because I hit it with my right foot and I think it would have been about my second goal with that foot this season, usually I’d never have a go on that foot. It was an incredible feeling for a second or so, but then I saw the referee and realised straight away it wasn’t going to be allowed.

What about the penalty you won?
When the ball came towards me I immediately thought about returning it to [Diego] Perotti. I stopped it, then I thought about shooting, but then I cut back inside instead – and it was the right move because he fouled me straight away.

Was there a particular teammate who helped you throughout the game?
Perotti gave me a lot of advice throughout the game – he told me to keep calm, I think he realised I was a bit nervous, especially in the early stages. After half-time I started off a bit better but then I needed to come off because I was starting to get tired. Diego was really helpful though, like all my teammates.


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