Carles Pèrez: “Barcelona is my past, Roma is my present. I’m here to work — I want to help the team”.

John Solano

Roma attacker Carles Pèrez was interviewed today by Mundo Deportivo and discussed his move last month from Barcelona to the Giallorossi. Here’s what the youngster had to say:

Were you able to sleep after the game with Gent? it was your debut as a starter and you scored.
Yes, I was (laughs). It was something important for me. I haven’t thought about it at all. I was eager and very confident, but I wasn’t sure I could score. I am very happy to be able to help the team achieve success after a few losses.

How did the transition from Barcelona to Rome go?
Super well. I am a humble player who wants to work. I don’t have to be or feel above anyone. In a team, we are all the same and I came with humility. I’m here to help the team.

Don’t you feel the pressure?
No. I thank the club for choosing me. Yes, something changes because at Barça I had a different role, but my only goal is always to work. I hope to grab many assists and goals for the team.

How did your farewell at Barcelona go?
Its tough to explain — I don’t even know what happened. They didn’t give me the explanations i deserved, at least the realistic ones. The coach told me he didn’t count on me because he had other players ahead of me. But I was told 10 days before the transfer window closed. But Barça is my past now, my present is in Rome and I want to be an important player for them.

There were those who came before you, but now they have purchased Braithwaite from the Leganés who plays in a role similar to yours.
Sometimes the right decisions are made and other times not. I think about what Cucurella said. At Barça, you always want to win, but there is no more patience with young players. But I don’t want to go into this very much. In the end, I am grateful to Barcelona for all that it has given me. Everything I know I learned there and thanks to them, I was able to join a great club like Roma. Ultimately I think they got it wrong, but I’m still grateful to them.

It hurts?
I am a boy who has given everything for Barça since my childhood. My dream was to reach the first team — I joined and then it vanished. They talk a lot about the youth sector but in the end, they show the opposite. Anyway, I don’t have a bad view of Barça, I’m grateful to them, but I didn’t like the way some things happened. That’s all.

Are you thinking of returning to Barcelona one day?
I haven’t thought about it since I left. Barça is the past and I am focusing on Roma, although I don’t know what will happen in the future.

Why did you choose Roma?
I had many offers from Germany, Italy, Spain. The manager called me and I spoke to him. When the manager calls you, it’s because he trusts you. He convinced me after everything he told me. I looked at the club, the team, the city — and it was all good to me. I was not wrong and I am happy to be here.

What is your goal in Rome?
To grow as a player. The Spanish league is different and after my time at Barça, I can improve in many ways here. I want to become an important player here and even more-so after what I experienced with the fans after the goal. I was speechless.

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