Champions League qualification would help determine Lukaku and Dybala’s future

Andy Mattioli

Roma still hold onto minimal hopes for the Champions League qualification as the season winds to a close.

The Giallorossi have secured sixth place and are now completely dependent on others in Serie A.

According to Leggo, qualifying for Champions League would resolve a lot of unclear situations within the club.

Participating in the Champions League creates a different appeal for those who come and those who can stay, writes the Italian newspaper. The farewell to Lukaku would no longer be a given and Dybala’s stay would become more certain.

Moreover, Roma would be able to operate with a more ample budget in the summer.

Roma would immediately receive €18.8 million just for qualifying. Then there are additional bonuses involved: €2.1 million for each win, €700,000 for a draw.

At least 8 matches will be played so box office receipts will increase (expected for the season ticket campaign) as well as income from sponsors and marketing for an estimated total of €50-60 million just for getting to the competition’s group stage.