Chris Smalling addresses Roma fans amidst speculations and criticism

Andy Mattioli

Roma defender Chris Smalling addressed the supporters of the club, explaining the situation linked with his prolonged injury.

Over recent weeks rumors had surfaced claiming Smalling had requested a transfer out of the Italian capital and refused to play for Jose Mourinho who repeatedly criticised his hesitance to return to the pitch in several press conferences.

In an Instagram story published on his own profile today, Smalling wrote, “Since signing for Roma in 2019, my commitment and loyalty to the club has never wavered. The minute I stepped foot in Roma, I instantly felt at home. Roma is my home, and the relationship I have built with AS Roma fans is something I cherish dearly.”

“For that reason, I wanted to jump on here to address some of the rumors that I have seen circulating over recent months -“

“Let me start by clarifying that I have never asked to, nor even contemplated, leaving this great club.”

“Speaking openly, the last few months have proved some of the most frustrating of my career. There are things in this game and in life that we can control, and other’s we simply can’t. This injury has been one that we couldn’t.”

“No footballer wants to spend their days in a treatment room, and this period of time away from my teammates has challenged me, with setback after setback. I have, and will always, put the needs of my teammates first, but the absolute priority for the medical team is to guarantee that I can play a significant role in the latter part of this season and for seasons to come.”

“Guided only by specialists, I have been open to all solutions, short and long, and any insinuation that I have dictated a treatment plan are false. With surgery not an option proposed by any specialist I have engaged with; I have to trust the expertise that guides my recovery plan which, contrary to popular belief, does included painkillers. A lot of them, in fact.”

“The absolute priority is guaranteeing I can play for AS Roma at the highest level for years to come.”

“Your patience and loyalty as I work on getting back to my best is greatly appreciated. I look forward to seeing you all soon.”

“Additionally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Jose and his team for their supporter over the last 3 seasons and officially welcome Daniele to the club. Forza Roma.”

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