Chris Smalling’s return could be postponed until 2024

Andy Mattioli

English defender Chris Smalling is increasingly uncertain about his return to the pitch.

Roma, on the other hand, continue to be concerned regarding their own prospects for a busy and difficult stretch of the season which will force Jose Mourinho and his men to rely on three defenders in total (excluding Marash Kumbulla who is still recovering from an ACL injury).

According to Corriere dello Sport, the atmosphere around Smalling’s chronic knee injury – which is being treated since 1 September – is extremely tense.

The player does not want to risk reaggravating the injury by anticipating his return to the pitch. Meanwhile, Roma are forced to make important considerations ahead of the January window.

The newspaper claims that as a result of these issues Smalling’s return could end up being postponed until 2024.

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