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Cittadella’s Mirko Antonucci dreams of returning to Roma

Former Roma Primavera player Mirko Antonucci has now grown to become one of the more exciting talents in Serie B, scoring 5 goals in 15 league appearances for Cittadella this season.

The Italian attacker made his senior debut with Roma in 2017/18, but ultimately failed to make an impact and struggled across various loan spells in Italy – with Salernitana and Pescara – and Portugal – with Victoria.

Almost five years later and Antonucci has become one of the more recognizable faces of Italy’s second division.

In a recent interview with, Antonucci reiterated his dream of returning to Roma.

“Many things have changed since the time I assisted Dzeko on that goal at the Marassi,” said Antonucci, referring to a desperate, last minute assist for Edin Dzeko to tie a difficult away game in the spring of 2018, “Many things have left a mark on me, now I see things differently.”

“At the time I just wasn’t ready for Roma. At 18 I was catapulted into a new reality in which they stopped me on the street to ask me for photos and there was much more pressure involved.”

“My dream is to get to Serie A and establish myself there. If it were to happen with Roma I’d be even happier, it would be like closing a circle.”