Countries most looking forward to seeing Roma’s 2022/23 season

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Serie A is set to begin next August 13th. The start of the tournament has millions of Italian fans hyped and excited for the upcoming 2022/23 season. Though It’s not only Italians who are getting riled up, the Serie A is a popular tournament around the globe and although not as popular as the premier league is still considered a global sensation.

Clubs the likes of Roma, one of the largest clubs to be found in the Serie A, have fans around every cornerstone of our globe. Today we shall look at the countries that are most excited to watch the capital club in the upcoming season.


London has often been considered its very own country inside England, its unique fast-paced and multi-diverse atmosphere cannot be matched. Hosting millions of individuals from almost every country it’s not much of a surprise to find that Italians have also made a part of London their home.

In fact, London is home to one of Roma’s biggest fan clubs with over 300 members locally and internationally.

What started as a non-profit organisation in 2013 has now become a hot spot for Roma fans worldwide or just visiting. It’s clear that even in a premier league-dominated city Roma has captivated even the fans residing in the hectic city streets of London.


Who would have thought that the Irish too shared love for Roma? As unlikely of a candidate as it sounds the Irish too have their Roma fans. Ireland, like the majority of countries in Europe, enjoy their fair share of sports betting. In Ireland, one can easily find a trusted Irish gambling website that provides options even on Roma matches.

Fun fact the Irish are also responsible for one of Italy’s most bizarre almost fanatical Roma Fan Clubs and are one of the largest and most enthusiastic fan clubs in Ireland.

Saudi Arabia

It seems no country is safe from Giallorossi supporters as they’ve even made their way to the Middle East! Saudi Arabia is home to many beautiful architectures and it’s also home to one of the team’s largest fan clubs globally.

Throughout the middle east one can find several Roma Club Arab World fan clubs in many cities and different countries throughout the Arab world, according to founder and current club president Ahmed Suliaman AL Dakheel.

What started as just a passion project to bring all the Roma footy news to Saudi Arabia back in 2001 has blossomed into the giant Roma Club Arab World it is today. Unlike the majority of football fan clubs, the Roma Club Arab World is not restricted to just one country and city. That being said, the clubs tend to differ from one city/country to another due to differences in cultures.

Regardless, of whichever city or country you decide to visit the Roma Club Arab World fan club is guaranteed to find a love and passion for Roma.


Holland is home to cheese, windmills, wooden shoes and Roma supporters! Another city known for its antics is Amsterdam and like London, it too has made Roma fans feel at home.

By now it should be clear that geological barriers are not enough to stop the Giallorossi fans from not supporting their team.

Although the Amsterdam club is open to all fans from around the globe, surprisingly many fans are in fact Dutch.


One of the smallest countries to be found worldwide, Malta is located just 182 KM south of Sicily and is in fact the European Union’s smallest country. Finding Malta on a map might require a magnifying lens but for a small country, it’s incredibly rich in history and culture.

Malta is home to some of the oldest buildings in the world and was also awarded the St.George’s cross for its incredible bravery during World War 2. Unknown to many Malta is a football-obsessed country even though they haven’t had much success in terms of International competitions.

Maltese fans are divided into two major groups, the fans that love the Serie A clubs and those who love the English Premier League teams with some sharing a love for both.

Malta is too home to one of Romas not largest clubs but most passionate. The Maltese Roma Club is also the first ever club to be founded outside the Italian Capital! Just like Amadou Diawara continues to reject offers the Maltese make history once more!


The Serie A campaign begins soon and Roma is nearing a sold-out stadium for the first home game of the 22/23 season and it’s no surprise either. Nonetheless it’s safe to say Roma has established itself as one of the top teams in Serie A and has some of the most passionate and loyal fans one can find!

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