Cristian Panucci backs Jose Mourinho’s second season in the capital

Andy Mattioli

Former Roma defender Cristian Panucci – who is on friendly terms with Jose Mourinho – addressed the Special One’s second season in the Italian capital, and spoke about the importance of helping the team get out of a slump with the help of Paulo Dybala’s leadership.

“Mourinho needs to fix something,” he told Corriere dello Sport when asked about Roma’s recent losses with Udinese, Ludogorets and Atalanta. “But I think he has all the necessary tools to mend the situation and do well this season.”

“He has important players at his disposal. José will be able to get out of this situation with his experience, he did it last year too. Some of his better players are out of action, but they will all be back soon.”

“We have to stay calm, the campaign is long and difficult. José will fix everything.”

“Dybala is very important. He came to the right place, which adores him and waits for him.”

“He must be good at converting this enthusiasm into a desire to dedicate himself to the cause. Roma is waiting for you, loves you. This, in turn, is helping him: it is pushing him towards a kind of leadership that I believe he must take on with all his strength.”

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