Daniele De Rossi ahead of Milan showdown: “We’ll play like in the first leg, I trust Bove.”

Andy Mattioli

Roma manager Daniele De Rossi spoke to Sky Sport on the eve of the second leg with Milan in the Europa League quarterfinals.

“I will not make any big changes tomorrow compared to the first leg,” said the Roma boss. “We are becoming a fairly recognizable team, during the course of the match we can manage some moments, but for the rest we will play a very similar match.”

“We will try to defend ourselves in an orderly manner and hurt them by holding the ball, trying to be more precise in front of goal, conceding a goal would be a big blow for them.”

“I expect they will be better prepared compared to the first leg. We can’t waste too much time thinking about what the Pioli will do, we think about the opponent, about the countermoves but without losing sight of what we are and what we are becoming.”

“Bove? I’m happy he will play this match. Maybe I took a few minutes away from him, he deserves them as a player and as a boy, I have a lot of trust in him. Maybe I was wrong to say that he will play, he shouldn’t have more pressure than the others.”

“What makes me proud? To be the coach of Roma, knowing full well the reason why I was called to be here. It makes me proud to have shown that I can measure up, to have achieved good results which however did not lead to any trophies and qualifications. The goals are not very close, but not too far away either.”

“Ndicka? Let’s say that above all what remains is his smile in the hospital, his usual contagious smile as always. It remains a strange, particular, bad day. We were very scared, especially when we didn’t immediately understand that it was a pneumothorax. We still have fear but also unity, me, the staff, the players, the club were together on the same tile ready to decide that we couldn’t continue playing when one of our teammates was fighting in a moment that could have been tragic and fortunately it wasn’t.”

“I don’t want to be a philosopher, but happiness for me would be winning a trophy, but first there is a path I’ve undertaken and must follow that makes me happy every day. When I win I am happier and when I lose less so, but basically we are doing a beautiful job in a place that I have always loved.”

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26 May 20:45