Daniele De Rossi analyzes loss against Bologna: “We were too nervous.”

Andy Mattioli

Roma manager Daniele De Rossi spoke to the media after the Giallorossi’s 1-3 defeat to Bologna.

At full-time, De Rossi spoke to DAZN.

“We were less brilliant than the other times but we had a team playing well. You struggle to catch them when you go under pressure because they move so much which is what we did.”

“We won some games when the opponent had shot more but today it went like this. Bologna didn’t steal anything. The deserved the win.”

“It was a balanced game especially in the first half. Unlocking it gives you an edge. We were a bit too nervous, we went overboard after those yellow cards. We mishandled the situation, but we didn’t lose because of that.”

“We are adults and experts, we have been doing this job for a long time and we must be used to managing emotions. We’re coming off a tough stretch and we had managed it very well. We played a not exceptional game but in my opinion during the second half after the 3-1 we seemed inferior but in the rest of the match there was balance.”

“I was a footballer and sometimes you get nervous but it shouldn’t affect you on the pitch and the match. If we look at the performance, however, we were focused, perhaps less well than usual but we didn’t give up.”

“If we want to be perfect and continue this run-up we must be good at managing moments both from the point of view of nervousness but also of not conceding a goal in the 44th minute. After the 2-1 the inertia was on our side, the 3-1 killed us.”

“Tammy played a decent game. Azmoun came back very recently, there was no point in throwing him in straight away. I’m happy he scored because he’s important for us. He will be as useful to us as Tammy is now.”

“We leave today disappointed but not defeated, the season is still long. We play against the only unbeaten team in the world but we are positive about it.”

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