Daniele De Rossi analyzes Roma’s final performance of the season in 2-1 defeat to Empoli

Andy Mattioli

Roma boss Daniele De Rossi did not hide his disappointment in the post-match to Empoli 2-1 Roma at the Castellani in Tuscany.

In his post-match interview with DAZN, De Rossi commented, “The difference is made by many things in football.”

“There are too many things to improve; the defensive attention, from the point of view that we hold the ball a lot and shoot too little. We can’t have counterattacks and not get to the shot. It should have been 2-1 for us on a counterattack.”

”We will evaluate a lot of things this summer. We will reschedule watching this game and not only but this game has to tell us something. You can’t concede a goal like that in the final minutes in Serie A.”

“It has to make us think, it’s something that hurts me because I didn’t want to finish the season like this. Lazio? don’t care about Lazio’s results, I care about us.”

”Ghisolfi? We talked, we spent an afternoon together talking about the construction of the tram and some names we want to sign. We had a great connection in this first interview, we have time to talk and to see the opportunities but also the availabilities.”

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