Daniele De Rossi analyzes Roma’s performance in Frosinone win, defends Huijsen

Andy Mattioli

Roma manager Daniele De Rossi analyzed the team’s performance in tonight’s 3-0 win over Frosinone and defended Dean Huijsen from criticism directed at his celebrations in front of Frosinone fans.

“It’s certainly a great feeling to win despite those first 45 minutes,” said De Rossi in his post-match interview with Sky Sport.

“It was a bad first half, I didn’t like it, I was nervous then I saw that Huijsen was booked and I was even more nervous. Keeping him was too great of a risk.”

“I didn’t like the first half, we had never suffered like this from a purely technical point of view. Well done to Frosinone, I know Di Francesco, he makes the team play well but we can’t allow ourselves to be eaten alive by the opponent.”

“Huijsen? I don’t understand even now what he did to get booked. It’s a shame, it’s nothing serious, it’s nonsense. He’s young, he’s the age of my daughter. I made a fool of myself on the pitch a number of times so I can’t scald him. But he won’t do it again.”

“I made a major mistake tonight: I tried to change the player next to our striker. Today there was Azmoun who is more offensive. It can be done but it needs to be tried more, I was wrong to pull off this decision. We have to analyze it. The second half is what I like this team for.”

“Svilar? We have two excellent goal-keepers. Now, given the way Mile is playing, it is right to give space to him; he is young and needs confidence. We have faith in him and we will have it even if he were to lower his performance. He can’t always make these saves, he can have an off day.”

“Lukaku? I didn’t like him together with Azmoun. He was also fatigued and that’s why I took him off – we need him to be fresh.”

“Tonight I liked Azmoun more and I kept him on the pitch. I’m a coach and I keep those who play best on the pitch. I should have made eleven changes after the first 45 minutes. When this happens it is the coach’s fault, not the players.”

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