Daniele De Rossi analyzes team’s performance in ‘crucial’ Sassuolo win

Andy Mattioli

Roma boss Daniele De Rossi was once again victorious in tonight’s duel with Sassuolo.

The Italian technician led the Giallorossi over Ballardini’s men thanks to a goal by Lorenzo Pellegrini.

In his post-match interview with DAZN, De Rossi commented, “It’s crucial to win them all. We started this Champions League race behind the others and now we must continue winning.”

“Winning is not easy and sometimes you can struggle like we did today. Tonight we were less bright and more static. It’s not the first time we’ve won with flashes from our champions like Pellegrini.”

“Pellegrini? I cannot complain. He is the captain of Roma and it is not an easy task. Roma brings with it complaints and annoyances, as captain you are the first to be targeted. I know because I’ve been there. Now they sing my name but it happened to me too.”

“He wears this armband with a kind of maturity that amazes me. I left him as a youngster and now I have found a fully grown captain, it’s not easy. It’s not enough to wear the armband to be one.”

“He is a very strong player, he is a midfielder that few teams have the privilege to have at their disposal. I’m happy that he’s going to the national team because that’s his level.”

“I think that Roma have a team that must fight for the Champions League. It is perhaps inferior to Inter, Milan and Juve and you have to play with these teams too. Football isn’t just about numbers and wages, otherwise Bologna would be twelfth. We have to believe in ourselves first otherwise it’s difficult to score points.”

“When I first arrived it wasn’t all that easy. Everyone tells me that I have little experience and maybe that’s true. Maybe you need a few more gray hairs to manage these situations and instead I was lucky to find myself in this position. I didn’t earn this opportunity with the results.”

“The players believed in me and for now things are going well. We have time to do even better but also to ruin everything in these next two months. We are working well and we stay close to each other. The atmosphere at Trigoria is very nice.”

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