Daniele De Rossi discusses Dean Huijsen’s growth ahead of Feyenoord match

Andy Mattioli

Roma boss Daniele De Rossi spoke to Sky Sport on the eve of the team’s second leg with Feyenoord.

In his interview, De Rossi touched on several topics including Dean Huijsen’s rapid growth since his loan move from Juventus.

“There are no limits for him, because he has a level of knowledge, reading the action and playing that is difficult to teach to a first team player. It’s something he has inside, in his nature. In my opinion, he could be a midfielder and play in front of the defense.”

“He is someone who knows exactly how to read what’s happening, both in the trajectory of the ball and movement, as a 30-year-old. His intelligence matches that of a veteran.”

“He is only 18 years old and there are many things he needs to work on in order to be consistent for 90 minutes. He has time ahead of him and as long as we can we will try to help him because he is a good lad, he is a nice player to watch and to train.”

“All of my players are fantastic. There was no need to waste too much time or rack our brains to make them understand what we wanted from them. We are convinced that what we ask of them is something they are up to and even the slightly more particular things they do very well, and are willing to work on it, they are committed and I couldn’t be more grateful to them.”

“How I was able to immerse myself in this situation? There are two secrets: one is the luck of having found exceptional players from a human and professional point of view. Everything we proposed was embraced by them because they are good guys.”

“The other secret is to build a staff made of good people, who are appreciated for what they bring to you and demonstrate on a human level. The relationship that has been created is incredible, you don’t see it every day, and this has helped us a lot in this brief time. The results also helped us because there were matches that we could not have won and maybe with the enthusiasm of the victory everything seems better.”

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