Daniele De Rossi discusses preparations leading up to his first pre-season as Roma coach

Andy Mattioli

Roma boss Daniele De Rossi was asked about how he imagined his first summer as the team’s head coach during today’s press conference.

In answering this question, De Rossi did not reveal the specifics of Roma’s upcoming summer pre-season training camp.

“When you’re starting out as a coach and you put together your backroom team, you need people with more experience than you,” said De Rossi.

“It’s my first pre-season but my chief fitness coach, who is the most important person when you’re planning pre-season training, has maybe done 30. I’ll rely on him and my own memories from when I was a player.”

“It’s not as if I’ve never done pre-season before. I’ve never orchestrated one, but I know which ones went well and which ones didn’t, and I know what it feels like to train hard in certain parts of the world and what it feels like to train hard in other parts of the world, which is what we should do.”

“We’re working along the lines of what I remember from my playing days and the suggestions of a fitness coach with many years of experience.”

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