Daniele De Rossi lauds Cristante, Angelino, Dybala in Cagliari victory

Andy Mattioli

Roma boss Daniele De Rossi had high praise for his team following last night’s victory in the match against Cagliari.

After leading his side to an emphatic 4-0 win, De Rossi told DAZN, “I liked the match. The thing I liked the most about it was that we saw things on the pitch that we had underlined in training during the week.”

“Obviously when you unlock the game so early on everything is easier, but we were coming off two games where it seemed like we were in control and then we still suffered. Today we managed the game well enough.”

“I think one of the most important aspects that I want to focus on now is to fill the opponent’s penalty area. That is crucial. Angelino has a magical touch, and I kept asking Cristante to be more offensive-minded since that is something he used to do at Atalanta.”

“Everyone did really well in crowding the opponent’s penalty area, and the defense was brilliant. There’s still a lot of things we must improve but I am satisfied with how we’re growing.”

“Cristante? I also ask him to lower himself and play as a fullback when we want to build with a four-man backline. This allows Karsdorp to move further up the pitch, allowing Dybala to play through the lines. Cristante is so intelligent that if you tell him two things at once he knows exactly how to manage the moments in the game, he just looks at you and knows what you want.”

“Dybala’s defensive assignments? They can change, depending on the opponent. I ask him for sacrifice, but I’m also evaluating how much sacrifice to ask of him. In the first match he chased the Verona full-back a lot and we struggled a bit and he wasn’t very good. We have to try to make him work but perhaps we should keep him in the central area, so he is in a good position if we recover the ball.”

“Tiago Pinto’s departure? He was fantastic with me, I continue to feel incredible support even though he is no longer here and I also regularly speak with the Friedkins. It is not easy for a young technician to find owners who support you and give you the support they promised you. Here in Trigoria I am in very close contact with them, I feel comfortable and they are helping me. The good things that have been seen so far were also thanks to them.”

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