Daniele De Rossi on Roma’s plans for the summer: “The club and I share the same ideas.”

Andy Mattioli

Roma manager Daniele De Rossi addressed the Giallorossi’s plans for what is expected to be a busy summer for the club.

De Rossi was present this morning for the presentation of the Ussi Roma 2024 awards. On the sidelines of the event, the Giallorossi coach made the following statements to the reporters in attendance.

“I’m honored to be coaching Roma, but this is just the beginning.”

“When you finish sixth it means it wasn’t a disastrous season but the team could have done better,” said the Italian technican.

“We wanted to bring Roma back to the Champions League and the Europa League final. I think things have been done correctly, we need to do them correctly now to move up the level.”

“When a coach takes over mid-season and finds a team created by another coach, it is inevitably a bit distant from the new coach’s ideas. Everyone has their own ideas.”

“What I like is that I have the same ideas as the club with regards to how the team should play. We discussed what we should do, we have the same ideas with the sporting director, we also spoke yesterday with [CEO] Lina [Souloukou]. Not all ideas are always easy to carry out, but we have plans b-c-d. I’m confident, but we still have to get into the details of the summer.”

“I didn’t replace Mourinho but I continued his work by bringing my ideas to the table. We shouldn’t make comparisons but I’m trying to do my best with the little experience I have.”

“The last month leaves a bad taste in our mouth because we didn’t achieve that dream that seemed within reach. However, the opinion of these months has been positive. I’m already thinking about the future.”

“I have great desire and enthusiasm to win. I would like to enrich this club I love so much with trophies. With a good project we can try and get back to winning ways.”

“I’m the one who has to give the players the tools to succeed. I want to give them something more, put them in the best conditions to be great.”

“Many years ago I scored 3-4 goals in the last two games and a more experienced teammate told me “Well done, you did well”. Better to score 5 goals in the last 10 games than to score 10 in September and then not score again.”

“We entered the final stretch of the season with empty batteries, we must ensure that this team reaches the end of all competitions in top physical condition. Atalanta remain a model for us in terms of their fitness continuity.”

“Dybala? I am satisfied with the relationship I have with him, he has always been strong in training and in matches when I asked him to chase some players. I won’t say anything about his future, because facts and not words count.”

“Football projects tend to be disrupted by players and agents, so to say today that he will stay could eventually backfire.”