Daniele De Rossi previews Brighton first leg

Andy Mattioli

Roma manager Daniele De Rossi attended today’s pre-match press conference ahead of the first leg of the Europa League Round of 16 with Brighton.

“De Zerbi? I have always said that I have a great friendship with Roberto, since I was a footballer,” De Rossi told reporters on Wednesday morning. “After the match we chatted and I expressed my admiration for the football he proposed.”

“Brighton have a lot of good players and I expect a complicated match,” he added.

“I think Roma are a great team who must respect Brighton and how they play, but we are Roma and we mustn’t forget what we’re capable of.”

“I think it will be a great match. The first thing we need to know is that Brighton are able to force the likes of Manchester City, Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal to play in their own half. Sometimes they suffer because of it. There will be various matches within the match. We should be good at playing them and winning.”

“We must realize that we have a team in front of that is excellent in handling the ball and we must do the same,” he added.

“My first 50 days as manager? I am satisfied. I am aware that we have done nothing yet. No one knows this city better than me, where things can change in a nanosecond. The relationship between the players was already there, but creating it as a coach is more difficult, and it’s not so automatic. This morning I was looking back at yesterday’s training and it’s not just understanding what I’m asking for, but believing in it.”

“The players are demonstrating that they believe in what I say and that they are comfortable with it. This is more important than the points we’ve collected so for. But again, we haven’t done anything and we still have everything left to play for in these next two months.”

“Let’s see how Karsdorp will feel today. He alternated days where he felt well and others where he didn’t. Let’s see the final situation today.”

“For the left flank I love Spinazzola and Angelino. They are different from each other. There are no strategies prepared beforehand, sometimes it depends on a rotation, other times on the opponents. Day by day I look at them and, knock on wood, I can count 100% on both.”

“Bove? In my first match in Serie A he was the best on the pitch. I have great faith in him. I don’t see him on the wing where I would always like more attacking players. In the future he can be a great midfielder in front of the defense. He’s technically better than people think. He has to put his technique into the game and this is something that will come with time.”

“I couldn’t be happier with him. There are still things he must improve in. But he’s getting there. Two weeks ago he started for Feyenoord and played very well.”

“Roma played their last Champions League match with me on the pitch and that seems like 20 years ago. Since that day Roma have not played a match in the Champions League and it is unacceptable, because Roma must stay at those levels, despite the fact that as a club Roma are better now than when I stopped playing.”

“Beyond the names, the salaries, Roma must stay there and have the kind of seasons they have always had, reach the round of 16, the quarterfinals, once we even arrived not too far from the final, but it wasn’t meant to be. Footballers can fight for the Champions League with any manager. Their value is that of a team that cannot finish below fourth place in the Italian league.”

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