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Daniele De Rossi previews Feyenoord return leg

Andy Mattioli

Roma manager Daniele De Rossi spoke to the media on the eve of the team’s return leg of the Europa League playoffs with Feyenoord.

Following Roma’s 1-1 draw in Rotterdam, the Giallorossi will look to advance to the next round by taking advantage of playing in a sold-out Stadio Olimpico on Thursday night.

“Tomorrow will be difficult. I expect Feyenoord to change tactically a bit because they will recover some players but it could be a very similar match to the first leg in terms of the teams’ attitude,” De Rossi told reporters.

“Can Lukaku and Dybala give more? I think that when we analyze what the players are giving us, we have to go beyond the simple aspect of whether they’re scoring goals.”

“I realize that this is easier for you journalists, but as their coach I see them growing, looking more comfortable with my ideas, we are happy with them. We will have to go advance to the next round with or without their goals.”

“Playing in front of a packed Stadio Olimpico doesn’t leave us indifferent. It’s a huge responsibility for us and must make the best of it and respond accordingly.”

“Tomorrow’s match is like a crossroads because it’s a match that can help you qualify, as well as get you all excited because you have the thrill of potentially going out. I’ve played many games like this, the things I do for tomorrow are the same as what I would do if I wanted to win in the league.”

“Ndicka? Ndicka is fine, he came back and had a couple of days with the flu, he was at home, got better and trained only once. He probably won’t be 100% but he is available and will be on the bench.”

“Smalling? I put him in the 3-man defense with Frosinone because it was a more congenial context for him and I wanted to let him get reacquainted with the pitch. The situation was relatively calm and I put him in to add an extra defender. He can also play with 4 at the back, he has done it in his career.”

“Tomorrow I will choose my wingers based on the notion that I can win the game, there are a thousand different things to consider when preparing close matches, I will choose those who could potentially make me win the match.”

“Regardless of tomorrow’s match and our performance, every team needs all the players it has in order to reach its objectives. We have examples of many teams with strong players, but as a group can’t move forward if someone’s performance is missing.”

“Lukaku and Dybala will play and they will be important, we always expect a brace or an impressive display from them, but I am interested in Roma going through and they have to stay in the game as they always have done, maybe they will work to recover the ball quickly, It doesn’t matter to me but if they score I’m happy for them. For me the important thing is that we win. I don’t care who scores.”

“Svilar? Maintaining a clean sheet matters only so much. The team must be balanced and precise when we have the ball and more attentive in the defensive phase. Against Frosinone we deserved to concede, but Svilar was excellent.”

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