Daniele De Rossi scolds Leandro Paredes for ‘stupid’ yellow card

Andy Mattioli

Following last night’s 4-0 victory against Cagliari, Daniele De Rossi declared himself satisfied with the team’s effort, except for one specific episode.

In his post-match press conference, in fact, De Rossi commented on Leandro Paredes’ unecessary foul which resulted in a yellow card when Roma were up 4-0. This will be Paredes’ 11th yellow card of the season.

“He likes to defend his teammates, I always tell him that “you hurt one and they all bleed together”, but you have to be smart when you are up 4-0,” said the Roma boss at full-time.

“I like a team that has has wild instincts, but getting yellow cards like that is really stupid. He makes a lot of tackles, and that can also earn you an additional yellow and we can’t afford to lose anyone at this point.”

“I like Paredes a lot as a player and person. I think there are few midfielders of Leo’s quality in Italy and around the world. If we give him the ball, and he can keep possession, he can show his best qualities. In my opinion he must work on being more dynamic and find himself in the right position because he can be crucial for us defensively.”