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De Rossi details Roma’s approach ahead of Bayer return leg: “We have to believe.”

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Roma manager Daniele De Rossi met with the media this evening to preview tomorrow’s return leg in the Europa League semi-finals against Bayer Leverkusen.

After losing 2-0 at home in the first leg, De Rossi insisted the tie isn’t over and urged his team to fight until the very end.

“It’s crucial that we go out in search of goals,” said De Rossi. “Last week, they did well to exploit the space left open. Even though morale was low, we still fought and came close to scoring on several occasions.”

“Obviously overturning the result is going to be very difficult, they haven’t lost this season. But we have to believe it’s possible until the last second, just as we did in the first leg.”

Adding, “It’s fundamental we play until the end. I don’t know what I’ll tell the lads tomorrow before kick-off, probably something off the cuff. When we made the comeback against Barcelona I told the group that I trusted them, which I’ll definitely say again tomorrow.”

“I know I can trust them and we can achieve a small feat.”

Asked to choose three elements needed in order to overturn the tie, the former midfielder was blunt.

“Frankly, three might not be enough. Though, sometimes just one thing is enough. For tomorrow, I’ll say mental strength, a bit of patience, and a lot of attentiveness. There’s no margin for error.”

“Luckily last week wasn’t a final, so there’s some leeway to recover from some mistakes we made. Had it been the final, we would have already lost, but we have another chance to try to beat this team.

De Rossi continued, “They are something special because in 47 matches they have never lost, not even against the teams playing tonight in the Champions League semifinal [Bayern Munich] and a team that reached the final yesterday [Borussia Dortmund].”

“In these 47 matches, many teams came close to beating them, and they even risked being knocked out in the Europa League. We need to play a perfect match and have great heart, beyond just the football aspects.”

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