De Rossi: “I’m leaving Boca to be closer to my family”.

John Solano

Daniele De Rossi held a press conference today to formally announce that he is leaving Boca Juniors and quitting football as a player. The ex-Roma man revealed that he needs to be closer to family and that it wasn’t physical problems that led him to this decision.

He began, “Hello, let me start by saying that nobody in my family has health problems. I thought I could handle it differently but I miss my family. I really miss them. I haven’t fought with anyone or had problems with the new management. I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with them for the last 2-3 days and they tried to convince me to remain”.

“From the very first day I told them that my decision was final, they told me to wait a few more days to see if I could resolve things but it didn’t help. I have to go home. My oldest daughter is the only one left in Italy. She’s 14 years old and needs her father”.

”Surely I’ll still work in football when I return there. I think I’m the only player to undergo their medical then retire (laughs)! Boca offered me more time, more help…but I have to go home”.

“So I say goodbye to football and to a club that has entered into my heart. I am leaving my job, my sport, my passion. It was bound to happen in either June or December. I never thought that I could love a club that was not Roma but part of my heart will remain here. And who knows if our paths don’t meet again. I’ll be back to watch the games and to be together with friends. The people I found here turned my adventure into something magical”.

“We’ll see how my life evolves, but I want to become a manager. I’m sad this adventure here is ending, but I’ll never forget it”.

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