De Zerbi: “Roma? I’m happy at Sassuolo”.

John Solano

Sassuolo boss Roberto De Zerbi, who has been linked with a potential move to Roma, will receive the “Pietro Calabrese” award this evening. Ahead of the event, he spoke to Sky Sport about his future. These are his words:

Are you going to Roma?
I can only say what I know: as of now, there is little or nothing and if an offer is presented I will discuss it with the club because I am grateful to them. I’m fine at Sassuolo and when the day comes when there’s the chance to leave, I’ll choose a place where I can play my football and bring my ideas. In my head, I’m worried about enjoying myself and I have the players who follow my lead and that of the club.

So there’s only been contact?
No, these are things I’m keeping to myself. What I’ve read in the newspapers goes beyond the truth. I don’t know what will happen tomorrow, but I’ve told you what has happened up to today. I’m fine at Sassuolo and I’m happy. I’m not looking for anything.

But you’re on Roma’s list.
I trust that, as always, you know more than I.

Do you like the city and the environment?
It’s not fair to talk about it, right now I’m focused on the present and the future season with Sassuolo.

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